'97 Ford E-150, 5.7L, A/C clutch not engaging


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'97 Ford E-150, 5.7L, A/C clutch not engaging

After nearly freezing to death last winter, I found a broken blend-door and repaired it last weekend. Now that I have heat (and it's 94F out), it turns out that I never was getting a/c. Thought it was a low charge so I bought a can of R134 (with gauge). Gauge showed 45psi on the lowside which means it's pretty well charged. Checked the clutch operation and it was not engaging. This component is pain to get to, so before bust-A getting at the compressor:
1. Is there a better test to determine exactly what is wrong?
2. Is the clutch a common point of failure, or could the actual compressor be at fault (80,000 miles)?
3. Are there any online repair manuals for this component?
Thanks in adcance for any help,
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Can you test volts to jack at compressor when a/c is on? If no power there, how about test to see if current comes out of a likely pressure switch. If pressure switch does not work, neither will the a/c clutch.

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