1999 Alero Charging System Indicator Light


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1999 Alero Charging System Indicator Light

My daughter's car has been sitting for about ten days. When returning to town, she drove it and the "Charging System Indicator Light" came on then off, then on. She took the car on to work. Driving home it went back on, as well as the Anti-Lock and Brake warning lights. Is this a coincidence? Are they all related? Could it be a short? I went out and drove the car and noticed the horn sounded sickly when locking it with the keypad. Any ideas?
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Check system voltage with engine running...........Sounds like your alternator just bit the dust...........The vehicle is running straight off what the battery has in reserve.........once that's gone, you're walking........When system voltage drops below a given level, many computer operated features .........like ABS........will tell you they have a fault, but it's probably all tied to the alternator

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