1990 Chyrsler LeBaron Fuel Pump


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1990 Chyrsler LeBaron Fuel Pump

V6 3.0L

I'm not all that knowledgeable about car repair but I've changed my oil. About two weeks ago I was driving and my car was acting like it was out of gas even though I know it wasn't. Drove a little bit more and it was fine, just every once in a while it felt like it was sputtering.

Tried to start the car, it turns over and it has spark. My buddy, who knows more about cars than me checked the fuel line to engine and no gas was getting to it. He also said he couldn't hear the fuel pump.

Did some research and concluded the fuel pump is the problem but was wondering, before I drop the tank.. isn't there a fuse under the hood I could check and if so, where is it? Also, was wondering if it could be a relay? No idea, again something I could check and where? Lastly.. fuel filter? Where and how to check.

Thanks in advance all.

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Fuses and relays under the hood............but if the vehicle exhibited problems and then didn't and then DID .I wouldn't go crazy lookin for them.........check for voltage at the pump.........if you have 12 volts.........fuses and relays are OK........
As for the fuel filter.........That should be changed whether you change the pump or not
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This is just a guess, but worth you looking: I think you will find your fuel filter within a foot or two of the tank from where the fuel lines come out of the tank and head toward the engine. It is probably mounted to the car frame there. And may be the passenger side (somewheres by the back door), but will be inline with the fuel line naturally. It's probably a cylinder about 2 inches in diameter by about 4 inches long, give or take some, to give you some idea what to look for.
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ALong with what these guys said;

Have a buddy crawl up under near the tank, now turn the key to the ON position, but don't start it. Your buddy should hear a whining noise for a second or two, then it will shut off. If you hear no whining at all, there is a good possibility the pump is failing and/or you got a relay problem.

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