New compressor not cooling


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New compressor not cooling

'96 Dodge Dakota, 5.2, installed new compressor, receiver, orifice, and flushed system. Line going into evaporator is ice cold and line coming out is slightly less than warm. Pressures (90' ambient) are about 40 psig and 200 psig. Duct temps, when idling and ac on is about 70'. The system will eventually allow for duct temps about 55' if running at 1800 rpm.

Anyone have any ideas why this truck is not cooling properly? The system was evacuated but I'm wondering if it's airbound. Thanks in advance.
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If the vehicle is as you've described I'd suspect a blend air door problem.........Try pinching off one of the heater hoses to stop the flow to the core...........If the air becomes markedly colder, you'll need to find the blend air door controls and adjust/repair as necessary
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Chrysler has always had problems with blend doors, specially Dodge. Just look at my scarred knuckles as proof.....
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Turns out it was air in the system. I used an air-operated venturi type vacuum pump but apparently it wasn't strong enough to thoroughly evacuate the system....had a friend of mine pull a proper vacuum, charged the system and all is cool now.

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