Battery Drain


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Battery Drain

I replaced the battery in my car (93 Grand AM) in march. Now twice, in the past 2 weeks, it has been too drained to start it. I had left my radar detector on, which was never a problem before. The car used to be able to sit a week with the radar detector plugged in and still start fine. It wouldnt start today(wednesday) after being driven last on monday. I'm not sure what is wrong now. It might be the detector going and drawing too much current.

Battery Energizer E75-N
900 CA at 32 Deg F
720 CCA

I charged the battery up and pulled off the positive cable and measured the current with a DMM

.02A Draw without radar detector
.22A Draw with radar detector.

Voltage when running

14.47 at idle
14.40 at about 2000 RPM

From this information I'm guessing that the alternator is fine and the radar detector is going bad and drawing too much current. Is this assumption correct?
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Where is the radar det. plugged in?? If plugged into the usual cig lighter or computer port, that should be dead with the key out(I think). Cig lighter definitely dead, comp./phone port-?????? You have obviously done some detailed trouble shooting. I would look for a voltage source for the det., that is dead with the key out. Also, check all battery connections for corrosion, loose connection, etc. Don't just look, disconnect the connections and inspect. Especially those small side mount connections, they are notorious problem areas.
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I highly doubt a radar detector would cause a battery drain. The detector would be fried if it was drawing to much power.

Do what Just_Bill said, very good advice.

I would not rule out a bad alternator.

.22a draw is minimal. Remember, your stereo and other systems are pulling minimal amperage as well.
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Since you don't NEED a radar detector, you have the advantage to leave it out of the mix and compare with and without, and see, and take it from there.
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Not all batteries are created equal. Take it somewhere and have them put a load test on it. Even a new battery occasionally has problems.

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