1989 Dodge Dynasty


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Question 1989 Dodge Dynasty

My dynasty has an electrical problem that has fried one alternator already. I replaced the bad one and after running the car a few minutes to charge the battery the new one was already hot to touch. I have no clue as to where to begin let alone what to look for. I need HELP.
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You're sure your battery is good? For starters it would have been a good idea to get the battery up to full charge with a charger rather than taxing the alternator to do it.

Also double check all battery connections for corrosion. Look closely, it's not always easy to see.
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My guess is your alternator is sensing a full load demand similar to if you had your lights all on, wipers going and a/c going at the same time - and maybe THEN some. The bigger the demand load placed on the alternator the more it has to work. At any given rpm the alternator tightens up internally as if brakes are being applied to it, when it is under such a demand. Hence the heat.
Tow guy is probably right about the battery being the source of the issue.

And couple that with perhaps a replacement alternator that is maybe somewhat inferior. My dad burned up 3 alternators in 6 months on this one car before the problem quit.

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