Power/Fuel Milage Chips

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Power/Fuel Milage Chips

Anyone out there have any opinions/experience about installing a programmer/chip to deisel engines. I've heard 10 to 20% increase in fuel milage plus more HP. Mine is an 05 Dodge Cummins. Any help would be appreciated.
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Diesels show great increase in power and some savings in mpg with chips. Diesels are the best motors to do this with. With a 200-400$ chip, you can easily add 100 hp and torque.

There are numerous makers of this chip, Bully Dog, HyperTech, SuperChips to name a few.
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Is this really true? Proven? And not required on diesels by the government?

This reminds me of the Tornado and trying to find/figure out if THAT really works or not.

And if you gained that much power, woudn't it have to go hand in hand that if you had the power potential, that by letting off the gas, you'd have to save gas? But how much is "some savings"?
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Google search Bullydog, Superchips, etc. You will find enough proof. Majority of these upgrades are from tuner modules.

Though most CARS do not benefit from them much, Diesels are known to have performance gains.
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I have a 2007 K3500 with the Duramax 6.6 L and Allison 6 speed transmission, the owner manual specifically says not to install any aftermarket performance chip because it will interfere with the engine's and tranny's computers communication thus sending erronous torque info output from engine to tranny , which will cause the tranny's clutches to wear prematurely.
I dont think you would need any more power and as for fuel economy ,well, you dont get a diesel to save on fuel right ?
just my input.
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There is a possibility of fine tuning the engine to release more HP to the wheels
There is also the possibility of fine tuning the engine to get better fuel economy
There is also the possibility that the lower weight by the lightening of your wallet increases your fuel economy because the engine has less to haul around w/o all that cash in there

Look, you can fine tune the engine to free up a little here or there, not get 20% better fuel economy AND more HP
HP costs fuel economy-plain and simple
Power Costs Fuel

Please keep in mind when researching, that a 10-20% advertised increase usually means somewhere someone on a specific engine combo got 2 - 4% increase
It does not mean yours will
And also, most people that spend $400 - $900 on a chip will swear up and down it gave gobs more power and saved them money ...sorry, human nature
We must brag about, and make excuses for our decisions
(saves them money...ha ha ha....but not the $700 for the chip apparently...how much fuel must you save to pay for that?)

It's a diesel and a truck
HP doesn't mean diddly
It's the torque you want

It has been proven over and over that the single best way to improve fuel economy is to change driving habits
More than tire pressure, lowering the tailgate (actually proven to worsen mileage), any air filter or add-on/bolt-on
Drive smooth, accelerate smooth, brake smooth.
I believe the latest report on this was by AAA
But they are reports out all the time on this

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