1997 Toyota Camry

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1997 Toyota Camry

I recently bought a 1997 Toyota Campry, just the other day i noticed my RPMs are getting really low when i am sitting at a light idoling. I also stalled once while sitting at a light. The car started back up fine. The RPMS go low then rev up alittle then go low again??? around 1000rpms?? Does any one have any ideas where I should start looking for a problem. Fuel filter? Spark plugs????????????????thanks in advance. The car only has 75,000 miles, and everything seems to be in very nice condition.
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Start with the basics
Get the codes pulled, see what the computer says
That's always the best start
Many DIY Auto parts places do this for little or no charge
(However, do not buy parts based on the codes until posting them up here, the counter people aren't that good at interpreting them)
Post up the exact codes (if any) here

But with these vehicles, there are a few things you should also look at, or even look a first
Unless you can verify exactly how many miles are on the spark plugs and ignition consumables (wires, plugs, cap, rotor, if applicable), and filters (fuel, air), it's almost always best to change them when purchasing used
If nothing else, it gives you a baseline for performance and trouble shooting

Depending on the engine you have, I'd suspect the ignition parts, as some of the older Toyotas really seem to prefer fresh ignition consumables, and will stall with "OK" looking plugs and wires
These usually won't show up on a computer code scan either
If you do replace them, I'd strongly recommend the Toyota parts for Toyota ignitions
The Toy engines seem to prefer them (run better...last longer)

Check these first, then if that's not the problem(s), get the codes (if any) and we can try some other things
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thank you, i will start there
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1997 Camry

I have this same car, just bought it in March and it's really nice. Easy to replace plugs, wires and changing the oil is very easy, too. My Camry had 140,000 and now has 180,000. and runs like it did the day I bought it. I sent in a question about replacing the timing belt and was told it's okay to drive it until it breaks as it won't get chewed up in the engine like the Honda does, it'll just leave you stranded. If you do the tune up yourself, make sure the plugs are for this car only, wires, too.
I also have a 1998 Camry, it's great, too. Over 250,000 and
still like new.
The Camry I have now, I drive over 150 miles a day and 800 miles on the weekends. There's not too many cars I would trust for this. About two weeks ago, I changed the oil and filter, but before I did this, I poured in a bottle of Motor Flush made by Gunk and it really cleaned out a lot of the sludge that had built up in the engine. If you do this, make sure you follow the instructions exactly. This 2.2 ltr. has a history of sludge problems, so make sure you replace the oil with Castrol GTX 5-W-30. I wouldn't go over 3,000 miles until after about 5 oil changes then every 5,000 mile should be fine, just keep an eye on the amount on the dip-stick to make sure it's not burning oil. By design, it should burn about 1/2 quart every 3,000 miles. I have also heard, in this car (1997-1999) the faster you drive, the better mpg's you get. Personally, I go the speed limit, so I don't know if it's true. I will say, driving with the A/C on and the windows up you should get the same mpg's as with the windows down and no A/C. Not too much, if any at all with A/C on or off on these years (97-99). I also have a 2000 mustang gt 4.6 ltr. and would trade this car for another older Camry, but my wife won't let me. It's fast, but the ride in the Camry is way nicer than the mustang. Good luck with the Camry! They're supposed to be better on gas than the newer ones.
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Might try cleaning the throttle plate and throat. Old toothbrush and some carb cleaner. Also check for an idle stop screw; small set screw with a lock nut on it on the forward side of the throttle body.
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I second Tow Guys response clean the throttle body and throttle plate.

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