98 Toyota Sienna Broken Half-Opened sliding door stopper


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98 Toyota Sienna Broken Half-Opened sliding door stopper

The lever that flips down in the door track when the gas tank fill door is open won't pop back up. For almost a year, I've just reached down in the track an manually pushed it back up. Now it refuses to stay in place and swings down causing the door to get stuck frequently. I'm hoping someone can tell me a cheap, easy fix for this. I've been able to fix the back hatch lever with a drill, screw and superglue and the side sliding door handle with a drill and a zip tie. It's all paid for and the engine is in great shape, it's just keeping the rest of it in one piece that is the hard part.

Thanks for any insight and help.

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can you post any photos. May have some ideas...
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I agree, I really don't know what you are talking about. This is a door jam device that prevents the door from hitting the opened fuel door? I'm not sure if I am understanding this right, but then again I've had a long day....
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Picture posted and better explanation

Forgive the vagueness of my description. I have drawn a simple image because my car is colored too dark to get any clear pictures.

For the graphic, go to: http://websthetics.com/sienna half-opened sliding door stopper.jpg (click on the image to enlarge it).

Because newer minivans have passenger and driver side sliding doors, something had to be done to prevent a door from opening on the side of the gas tank while the gas tank was being filled. Toyota developed a little lever that will drop down in the bottom of the door track to stop the sliding door from opening fully when the fuel tank door is open. What triggers this bar to drop down is the same lever under the driver's seat that opens the fuel door. Normally, the drop down stopper will reset itself as the sliding door is shut. But for some reason, mine no longer does so and now is causing other problems (like preventing the door from connecting to the latch that keeps the door from sliding shut if parked on an incline). As I mentioned before, I used to push it up manually, and that worked for a while, but has stopped.

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