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I have a 2006 silverado 2500, diesel, allison transmision, and I have to make its firts oil change, at the dealer they charge me $100.00, for the oil change ant tire rotation, I always like to do things myself to my trucks, do you think is a doityourself job or is better if I take it to the dealer? Any recomendations?

Thankyou for your help.
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Want a job done right, do it yourself.
No, seriously there are 2 sides to that coin.
If you do it, you will be less experienced then the seasoned pro that does it and you could miss something or do something wrong and end up paying a lot more money in the long run.
On the other side of the coin, nobody cares for your truck like you do and if you have the proper knowledge then you will do a better job because you will be more meticulous. The problem is it takes a long time to get that experience.
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Just a personal opinion, but I think tire rotation on a truck has very little value, so the real question would be, is $100 reasonable for an oil change? Might be; diesels tend to be more than gas engines for oil/filter change. You would, of course, need the proper tools, drain pan, place to dispose of the used oil, etc. if you DIY it.
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oil change

I have a duramax 6.6 L and that's about right and if they're doing the tire rotation even better, this engine takes 10 quarts plus the filter.
if you do it yourself you will most likely lose the warranty should anything happen.

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