Need help to replace rusted brake lines, bleeder valves


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Need help to replace rusted brake lines, bleeder valves


I have an 85 S-10 pickup, drum brakes, that popped a rear brake line. When I looked that the bolts and the bleeder valve, they are veery rusted. Bleeder valve is barely recognizable. Is this something I can repair on my own? How would I deal with the rusted bolts to remove them and what would I do to deal with the barely recognizably rusted bleeder valve. I don't think I can get it out and may not even have enough of it left to grab hold of. Yipes!

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It soundds like you'll have to replace a lot of parts. At a minimum, the brake wheel cylinder and brake line. If it's that rusted, you may have trouble with the fasteners and mounting points. Use PB Blaster to soak the fasteners before removal.

There's nothing more expensive than repair on a rusty vehicle. Some mechanics will actually refuse to work on such a vehicle.

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