2000 F-150 no start

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2000 F-150 no start

the vehicle: 2000 Ford F-150xl 4.2 v-6 standard transmission.

the problem: will not start.

the symptoms: ---"long story here"--- stoped to fill up,the truck whould not restart. Called a wrecker it arrived in about an hour, the truck started no problem. Drove it a week, then no start after I got home from work. tryed again that evening and it started. drove for 2 days, same problem...that was last week no restart all week long "guess whatever was going out is gone"

O.K. you'll want to know this--- When I try to start ---

I have full power - radio comes on, a/c blows, etc. etc.
I turn the key "to the spot where it seems to find the point of ignition" the lights on the dash go out "completely normal does this when it cranks" but there is nothing no clicking, no turning of the starter, no noise at all.

Yes, I have the clutch pressed in all the way...
Yes I have tried using my other set of keys...
yes I have pressed the clutch in and out several times...

I have also put a power tester on the leads to the starer, the one from the battery is hot, the one from the ignition is not even when I turn the key (no juice from the ignition)
I put the tester on the neutral saftey switch "6 points of contact" 4 are hot 2 are not tried jumping the two dead contacts That poped the fuse when I turned the key...that makes me think I am getting power from the ignition switch.
I have bought a new neutral safety switch $100.00 from the dealership...I pluged it in pulled the metal rod back "to make the swich engage as if I where pessing in the clutch" but still same old problem. (should I completely install the switch-remove old one at point of contact at firewall- does the switch have to make contact with something I'm not seeing to make it work?)

I really cant afford to put in a shop or the dealership for repairs any good advice whould really be appriciated.

Thank you,
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You sound like you know what you are doing when it comes to jumping.

The diagram I have included will allow you to see where you can jump down by the starter solenoid that is piggyback ontop the starter, as that will confirm what exactly is wrong: Whether or not you are getting a hot feed from the ignition to the solenoid, and also if the solenoid and/or starter is working.


If you crawl under your truck to perform jumping down, there USE CAUTION. Park on level ground. Set vehicle in neutral. NOT in gear. Use some kind of chocks to block the wheels. Then test by push back and forth on the vehicle to make sure it can't roll. Disconnect the coil wire. Wedge some stick to the clutch pedal to depress or have someone do this while you jumper down below.Turn the key to "on" or "start" depending on the jump you are performing, when you think this through.

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I reciently replaced my starter (Chevy pick-up). It was doing the same thing as your Ford.

The first time, I crawled under and smacked the starter with a hammer (on the fat part) while my wife held the key in the start position. The next time, after we got it started the same way, I stopped at the store and bought a starter. Luckily I made it home to install it instead of putting it in in the parking lot.

Try the hammer method, it is more fun.

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