headlight lens restoration

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headlight lens restoration

The headlights on my 99 acura cl are getting dull. I have looked on the intranet and have seen a few products but they all say that everyone elseís product isn't any good. Has anyone restored their headlight lens and can give an honest evaluation of some product?
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Wal-Mart, and probably others, sells a product that I use:


Consists of chemically impregnated (self-adhesive) polishing pads and a holder that chucks into a drill or die grinder). I think there's 5 pads in the kit. You stick a pad on the holder and chuck it in a drill (variable speed so you can use low rpm's), spritz a light mist of water on the pad, and polish away. I've been inpressed with the results.

I'm about due to do some pm polishing on my beacon lenses, so if you don't mind wating a few days I could maybe get you some real-world before and after pics.
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I've never successfully done it myself, but I've read of many recipes.

One caveat common to perhaps all lenses is that they are coated with UV protection in the as-manufactured condition. Polishing the lens makes it pretty, but it'll only last that way for a short while before it gets dull again.

[rant on]In the name of styling, manufacturers have found another way to make money. Remember the old round and square glass headlamps? If they burned out or a rock hit them, they costs $10 (today's money) to replace. And we never had to worry about yellowing or scratched lenses. There's nothing like glass for optical clarity. Now the headlights cost $100 and you still have to spend $10 to replace a burned out bulb![/rant off]

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