Stalls at Idle?


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Cool Stalls at Idle?

Dodge 2002 Dakota V6, 2WD, Quad cab, 92K miles.
Just installed new distributor cap and rotor. New spark plugs (checked gap), and dist/spark plug wires, (checked proper plug wire routes at least six times! Air filter changed 6 weeks ago. Oil & filter change every 12-15 weeks.

ENGINE WILL NOT IDLE?? Starts, then have to keep rpm's up, if I take foot off accelerator, she stalls! Rarely before tune-up would the check engine light come on?
QUESTION: Any ideas where to start that may be common to this model?
I've looked at MAP SENSOR WIRES and TCP wires, vac hoses. (not that there still couldn't be a prob with any of those)
Just wonder if one of these sensors has history of going out first,,

Thanks for any help or ideas,,
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I have had this problem on my 3 of my Mercuries. I also found it on a Volvo.

In my case, the problem was with the Idle Air Bypass Valve. It would get gummed up with carbon and varnish.

I simply removed the device, used about 50 cents worth of throttle body cleaner on it (let the cleaner sit in the chamber for a few minutes), and reinstalled it. Problem solved.

Ford uses the IAB term. I have seen also the term Idle Speed Control valve as well. They appear to serve the same purpose.

In the Fords it is located behind the TB intake (toward the front seat) on the driver's side of the engine (4.6L and 5.0L). It is held in place by 2 small brass bolts.

Basically it is an actuator that moves a plunger up and down to regulate the idle.

When gunked up it simply does not maintain idle and the engine stalls.

Very simple fix once you know what part to look for. Hope that is your problem.
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My guess is the EGR valve needs replacement.
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the tips,, my truck has neither of the above items, however,
I did go back and replace the new spark plugs one at a time, found one that never fired, the set was Bosch platinum, purchased from parts house. Replaced plugs with Autolite, runs great now.

Thanks for your help,,
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Large American V-6s and V-8s do not do well with the Bosch Plats
To find one that doesn't have a problem with them is much more noteworthy than finding one that does
I don't state this to bash any product, I've heard they work well in smaller foreign engines, especially German and turbo'd ones

But the shear volume of problems corrected by removing those plugs from larger American engines means it should be noted here, as someone else with the same problem may be reading this, and may have the Bosch Plats installed

As they are often installed to fix a rough running engine that needs new plugs, they are often overlooked as the problem as the engine now has "new plugs...and good ones too"

Thanks for the update!

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