87 Ford F150, loading up fuel


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Angry 87 Ford F150, loading up fuel

87 F150 straight 6 3spd auto
It loads up after idling for a few minutes, and it chokes down till it dies when you give the gas, once it dies and I try to restart it turns over very slowly like when timing is out. If you hold it to the mat it will eventually restart with a black cloud of smoke. We have replaced plugs,wires, oxygen sensor, distributor, and checked timing, need help running out of parts to change. thanks
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Sorry about this, but those were transition years for Ford

Do you have a carb, central fuel injection sometimes called throttle body injection (looks like a carb on the outside, but has a big injector intside), or multi-port injection (upper plenum doesn't really look like a carb at all)?

Does this engine use the EEC-IV engine management system (computer) for fuel injection, or the (dreaded) electronic feedback carb?
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Sounds like you need a IAC (Idle Air Control) about $60.00 from Advance auto Parts or Autozone. I have an 87, 6, 4sp manual, 185k miles. The IAC fixed the idle problem. However I still get the out of time hard to start from times to time and was told to make sure the wheels are straight when I shut it off that the sensor for the power steering is detecting the need to adjust for the power steering strain and is causing the starting problem. I don't know and who am I to question, I do know if I am parking by my house, which takes a lot of back and forth adjusting to get it parked correctly, if the engine dies it is usually hard to start. Have a good one. Geo
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It has the rail type or multi port not sure of the exact name, but it has six different injectors mounted in the intake plentum next to the head, its the same tpye used in the 90's and I am pretty sure its computer controlled. thanks

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