2000 Mitsubishi Pulls to the Right


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2000 Mitsubishi Pulls to the Right

I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage with 79,000 miles. I've had the struts replaced and the car aligned, but it is pulling to the right. The tires are not wearing unevenly, but they are newer.

Could it be the tie rod or something else?
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Most decent garages would have inspected all the steering components when they did the alignment. Yes, a tie rod end could be the culprit. Have you had the vehicle since new? Ever had any body work done (accident)? Could have a brake dragging, too.
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Many things can cause a car to pull or drift to one side........
For openers.......road crown, something we can't change will make a car "drift" right. which is why a good alignment tech sets a car up (if possible ) for a slight tug left......
If the car was ever hit(??????) and the uni-body wasn't straightened properly
MOST COMMON.........Tire pressure/size/type........variations side to side can cause problems...
ALignment........Too much Camber variation or Caster will cause a pull
Problems in the spool valve of the rack or box can cause a pull
Tie rods or front toe will not make a car pull, but REAR toe (if out of spec enough to alter the center line of the vehicle) can make the rear "push" one way or the other and can give you a sense the "frt" is pulling

You say you just had struts done??????.........Was the problem there before?????.......Improper installation of struts or strut plates can give you problems.........
Sorry about being so long winded.........
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Same problem but with Volvo

I have a Volvo 960 with the same problem. 3 days ago I had the tires replaced (original tires were a year old), new inner tire rod, bushings, an alignment, struts, and shocks and still have the problem with the car pulling to the right.

Thanks to the post in regards to making adjustments to the left, I am now going to take the car back and ask them to do that. Hopefully it will work because I am wits end and don't want to spend any more money trying to fix something that can't be fixed!
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Issue Solved

I had the front tires replaced and now it is fine. Thanks for the help.

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