2002 Buick 3.4 intermittent starting problem

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2002 Buick 3.4 intermittent starting problem

My Buick Rendezvous 3.4 V6 with 132,000 miles has an starting problem that occurs at after stopping for a short period ~5 minutes. This has happened a total of 4 times over the past 4 months. Occasionally after stopping with engine hot it will not restart. Engine turns over but does not start. After about an hour of sitting and cooling it will start and run as normal. Otherwise the car runs great. It has never cut off while running and the problem occurs very randomly. I have not been able to reproduce the problem to test things when it happens. (My wife has always been driving the car when it happened).

I have had the engine codes read by a mechanic with a computer reader and nothing is showing up as abnormal. I also switched the fuel pump relay to check if that stopped it but it happened again after 1000 miles of problem free driving. It acts like a problem with over heating in part of the ignition system but I don't know where to start. I hate to just start replacing components when it may not occur again for several hundred miles or months.

Any ideas on where to start.

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This could be the 'air-flow'- sensor. It regulates the HOT and COLD air flow into the injection system. Its located on that airflow duct between the air-filter and the throttle body.
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Go to the Buick dealership parts depertment and ask for an Ignition 1 relay. Once you get it, you will then replace the relay in the fuse block under the hood, on the passenger side. Remove the cover on the fuse block and flip the cover over. Locate the IGNITION 1 relay and replace it. While you are there, purchase a battery cable bolt. Then remove the positive battery cable from the battery and clean the threads in the battery side post terminals using a 3/8" (#16) NC bottom tap. Replace the battery bolt and reconnect the cable to the battery.

I should have asked first, but was the BCM (Body Control Module) checked for codes? If there is a security code set, you may need the vehicle anti-theft module replaced.

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