Wheel and tire question?


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Wheel and tire question?

Would a car handle and corner better with a 16", 17" or an 18" wheel and tire of the same circumference? How about the ride quality? They all would be the same make and model, just different size. Looking for different wheels so I'll have winter and summer setup.

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No Blanket Answer

There's no right answer for every vehicle
In general, a larger wheel/lower aspect ratio tire can, on some models, make them "handle better"...at least slightly
And basically, lowering the aspect ratio will almost always lead to a harsher ride

It's a trade off

BUT...the big question is:
Are the other components in you vehicles suspension up for it?
Which leads to: Will it make (that much of) a difference?
And most important: Will it make a difference in the way you want it too, no more, no less?

You could easily get dangerous unwanted suspension anomalies by "upgrading" part of the suspension w/o making sure the package can handle it

And sometimes the size-up wheel/tire combo is hardly even noticeable from the driver's seat

So it's not always in a way we want them to, and sometimes not enough for what we are looking for

So the answers are:

It depends
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Right. Just thought the size makes a difference since most cars and even trucks now a days have the larger size wheel and tires. Even the econo box cars seem to come with 16". So it's more esthetics than anything else I suppose.

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"So it's more esthetics than anything else"

To a point, yes
You can always push it to the limit
There's only so much you can work with before affecting the ride significantly (for better or for worse)
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Larger wheels add sometimes a significant amount of weight and have been shown to occasionally increase stopping distances.
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Those sporty looking 18 inch wheels have extreme low profile tires. I have heard that you can noticeably feel bumps/potholes easier because of this. To look at these tires look like you are looking at balloon tires on bicylces and it really does seem like you'd HAVE to feel the bumps more. If anyone knows the truth on this please share.

I have seen some of these vehicles with extra large rotors and pads also, and you'd think this would aid stopping and keeping the rotors cooler. I have no info on this though. Just my own theory.
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If the sidewall diameter decreases (ie: lower profile) typically you will have a harsher ride.

It also has to do with the stiffness of the sidewall. A stiffer sidewall will give you better handling but a rougher ride.

Larger rims / tires typically give the car a better look, but can also jack it up like a 4x4 if you do not lower the suspension.

What type of car do you have? There are specific forums for vehicle models that you can often see what it looks like and hear how the ride quality is.

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