Weber carburator


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Weber carburator

Does anyone have a picture of the back side of the choke (automatic) of the weber carb on a 79 Fiat Spider? Mine is not working and it looks like I am missing a spring on the back side. The choke is always off. I cannot find a picture of what it should look like. Any input is appreciated.
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setting choke?

first i know nothing about your car, but...

you depress the gas pedal all the way and let up all the way before turning the key to start to set the choke first, correct?

most automatic chokes have a bimetal spring that opens the choke and no external spring. Maybe if the spring is broken someone set it to be open all the time. If it is electric turn the key to run and check for battery voltage and see if it gets hot. if it does get hot, let it cool down and see if the heater can be adjusted (rotated) to the closed position. you may need to operate the throttle to set the choke on the fast idle cam. then let it heat up again and operate the throttle several times over several minutes and the choke should work its way up the steps on the fast idle cam.
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What Weber carb are you running?
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You might try emailing the guy who runs this website:
he'll likely be able to help.

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