How to remove clearcoat scratches


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Question How to remove clearcoat scratches

I've had my car professionally detailed a few times over the past 2 years, and this week I decided to do it myself when I noticed three different areas of clearcoat scratches on the hood - all circular which tell me that something abrasive was used on 3 spots. UGH!

When viewed at an angle they really stand out - so I hand-applied two different waxes I have in my garage. Both are made Meguiar's, one of them brand new. Both say they remove fine scratches, but I am not sure that is their main purpose. I tried both, and although the car looks better, the scratches remain somewhat visible.

Are there any other techniques or products anyone can recommend?
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If the clearcoat is indeed damaged, you are doomed. Only fix is to prep the area and repaint and clearcoat.
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On my car, the clear coat is coming off in patches. Yearning for the good old days when you could easily at least halfway fix paint or rust problems without having to deal with that clear coat ontop of it. Whose brainstorm was that stuff I wonder?
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Well, the process of maintaining clearcoat finishes is two fold.

1. If you wax/polish/buff too much, it takes clearcoat off.

2. If you don't do wax/polish/wash coat, it can oxidate and destroy itself.

Most vehicles these days do not have a clearcoat problem, but seems back in the late 80's and early to mid 90's, American made vehicles had a horrible problem with damaged clearcoat, mostly Ford.

Clearcoat is required to keep the paint looking "wet" and shiny and protect the paint underneith.
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It's all a matter of how deep the scratches are. Here's what I tell my customers on the phone when they ask questions similar to yours... If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail then it's most likely too deep to safely remove without removing too much clearcoat. If you can't feel it, then there's a good chance that a QUALIFIED detail technician can remove it.
If the scratches bother you enough that you're willing to have the area repainted then it's worth a shot to let a professional try, with the understanding that even if he does remove the scratch, he may have polished/sanded the clearcoat so thin that now it won't protect the basecoat from UV rays in that area, meaning that area will fade faster than the rest of the car. But if you were willin to repaint anyway then you've lost nothing and maybe even delayed the inevitable.(sp?)
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Thanks JasonB - I will check again.... I don't think the scratches can be felt with my fingernail. I thought I would have been able to buff them out myself with the polishes (worked before).... Maybe my pro can help.

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