1992 Nissan Stanza stalling


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1992 Nissan Stanza stalling

My '92 Nissan Stanza keeps stalling. I have changed plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, coil, resister, fuel filter, checked all fuses and relays, checked the fuel pump and am now checking the wiring harness. The car will run for a while then stall for no apparent reason. I have placed an in line spark tester off the coil and found that there is usually no spark. The moment I get a spark it fires right up. As the car sits with the key in the 'on' position, I can hear the relays for the ignition and fuel pump clicking, intermittently. As they click the fuel pump will run then shut off, and I hear the relays click again, as well as see a spark on the tester at the coil. All the while the car is not running. if anybody has any idea as to the problem, or has experienced a similar problem, I would really appreciate some help.
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The problem seem to be a bad crank angle sensor which located inside the distributor , unfortunately you can only buy it with the distributor as an assembly from Nissan, the distributor comes with cap and rotor.

You can try one from junkyard but I'd rather get a reman one from Nissan or aftermarket(if they make one) from local auto part if I were you though, I don't have much luck with junkyard/used electronic parts though.
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New guy,

Is there a way to confirm this with some test, without just buying the part and hoping?
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The basic test is key on engine off, checking power/ground and pulse at the crank sensor connector, if all good and still no spark and or no rpm reading when cranking, then it's bad.

There's another way to check without any tool, just pull out one of the plug wire and check for spark when crank, this's not in the book but I've found it's very accurate, hold the plug wire close to the ground as of normal way to check for spark, keep a close eye on the spark and the duration of it, if you have ONE spark when you FIRST turn key on and crank and NO spark DURING crank and ONE spark AFTER STOP cranking, the crank angle sensor is bad.

If you decide to buy one, don't mounted it, just connect the two connector at the old distributor to the new one and spin the shaft by hand, you'll see the sparks, just don't get yourself shot ;0).

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