road vibration


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road vibration

Just picked up a 89 ford festiva. I have a small vibration in the steering wheel at 65 and it becomes slightly more pronounced at 70, enough to make it uncomfortable to drive. I purchased some 13 inch rims and 155/80/13 tires. I had the tires balanced and a 4 wheel alignment done. The vibration is still there. I had the front end checked and everything seems fine, ball joints, tie rods, cv joints etc. I brought the car to a different tire shop and they took the tires off the rims, balanced the rims on the machine and they run straight and true, the tires have no broken beads no flat spots. The front was looked at again and found to be good.
What could be my problem?????????
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Your brake rotors might be warped or your wheel bearings might be shot.
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Thanks for the info. Put new rerar wheel bearings in and repacked the fronts so I'm going to look at the rotors.
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A car that old has to be carefully looked at. Even bushings that front end components go thru, and rubber motor mounts. Any miniscule vibration will be amplified unless every component is like factory new. (My car has over 243,000 miles on it and I have a vibration that comes and goes, that I feel in my steering wheel and seat, when at higher cruising speeds only, and I haven't had the time to spend diagnosing, as it could even be amplified more on this one section of road I travel daily. But there are so many things it can be. Especially if the vibration is only SLIGHTLTY annoying.)

Did you mean the tire BELTS are not broke, rather than the bead. The internal belts would be more applicable.

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