Transmission Fluid for '04 Jeep


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Transmission Fluid for '04 Jeep

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am going to change the auto transmission fluid and filter. My manual says to use the expensive, dealer purchased ATF+4 fluid, but on the dipstick it is printed to either use the ATF+4 or DEXRON III/Mercon type. Is it a problem to use the cheaper DEXRON III/Mercon fluid?

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Only use what the manufacturer states in the owners manual. Chysler vehicles are very particular with the types of tranny fluid.
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AT fluid

I second what OKC said. Don't try to save money on something this important. Remember the phrase "you can pay me now or pay me later"? RW
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I concur

Go by the book dont skimp and be sorry later.
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Thanks for the advice and I will bring my credit card to the dealer. Just curious, but any idea why the transmission dipstip would indicate DEXRON / Mercon as an equalivant? If I had changed to this fluid and caused damage to my transmission I would be very pissed off.
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Think twice.

I agree with the other posts. When it comes to JEEP better stick with what is recommended. One note of caution. If you have lots of miles on the trans fluid and it has not been changed within the specified mileage in the manual, think twice about changing the fluid. Sometimes changing the fluid can cause all kinds of transmission problems, especially if there are some internal problems of which you are not aware. In fact, you will probably only accomplish only changing 'bout half of the fluid since it will not all drain.
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This is a common confusion among Chrysler owners. The Mopar guys have learned to ignore what the dipstick says (Dex III) and go with the shop manual requirement (ATF+4). The fluid and friction characteristics are different between the two fluids, and ATF+4 is what you should use. Dex III just doesn't cut it in the long haul for these transmissions.
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ATF +4 is available at Wal Mart for a little cheaper than the dealership.

It's good stuff; fuly synthetic, I believe.

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