2000 Saturn wagon Ignition problems


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2000 Saturn wagon Ignition problems

An elderly neighbor of mine had some trouble a few days ago with her 2000 saturn SW-2. She was out, the keyless entry would not work, and the key would not turn in the ignition. She called AAA, they got it started and she took it to the dealer and told them what happened. The dealer took her to the cleaner. They replaced her battery (68.00 for the battery 90.00 labor), a PS fluld flush, brake fluid flush, High beam brake light bulb, Secured loose rear bumper liner, and secured some front fender wheel well thing totaling to about $350. This was only about 4 months after she went in to get new tires and got charged five hundred something by the time she left that same dealer.

Car is garage kept, 35,000 miles, driven gently.

Today she went to leave her house, and the ignition key would not turn. The car is in the garage so it is on level surface and the wheels are straight. She says that the key wont turn if the battery is dead. I put a charger on it, the ammeter on the charger went to 0 within about 20 seconds. I took off the cables (side terminal). they were clean, I put them back on, and used some dielectric grease. Checked the voltage at the bolts that hold the cables on, 12.8 volts. The key will still not turn. It goes into the ignition just fine, but will not turn. I tried moving the steering wheel either way, stepping on the brake and wiggling it when trying to turn but it will not budge. I am thinking that there is a problem with the ignition cylinder, but I am not familiar with Saturns. I dont want her to get screwed by the dealer. I am thinking that they should at least cover the tow back to the dealer.

Thanks in advance,
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Sounds like she needs either a new key made and/or the ignition cylinder replaced. If the key itself is worn out, it will not engage the cylinder correctly. If the cylinder is bad, well, you can guess what happens.

I believe the cylinders on Saturns pop out by pushing a quick disconnect within the column, but not 100% sure.

I hate how stealerships rip people off this like. Come on, a PS and brake flush at 35k? 3/4 of people never do any of this with their cars and never have problems...
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Thanks Hootin,

One more question. The key should always be able to turn reguardless of any battery or starting issue corrrect?
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Did you try shoving the shift lever more towards PARK than it already is, and/or jiggling the shifter, or even trying neutral? In MY car, I can't get my key to turn to ACC. unless I force the shifter already in PARK, even MORE towards PARK.

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