1990 Eldorado Inflatible Restraint Light


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Question 1990 Eldorado Inflatible Restraint Light

My 1990 Eldorado Inflatable Restraint light is on. A shop told me it was due to a bad clock spring. The SIR code is R21. Is there some way for me to double check this diagnosis? Just what is a clock spring? It's supposedly in the steering column. I can't find the part on various Cadillac parts boards.
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It ensures a positive connection between the steering column wiring harness and whatever controls are on the steering wheel, and especially the airbag.

I would suggest having a trained mechanic change this if at all possible.

Part is fairly expensive as well, around $200. You might have better luck pulling one off a salvage yard model.

All Cadillacs 90-91 have the same one.

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Red face 1990 Eldorado Inflatable Restraint Light

Thanks for the reply. I managed to get the light to turn off by doing the following:
1) I moved the car to my driveway. It has a slope.
2) I positioned the car with the nose pointing towards the
bottom of the slope to ensure it was lower than the rear.
3) I started the car.

The Inflatable Restraint light blinked a few times and then went out.

The procedure works anytime the light goes on, which has been only twice since then.

The light seems to go on when I start the car with the rear much lower than the front. That happens when I'm starting it on a hill or when I have a load in the trunk.

The rear shocks are shot so the auto leveling doesn't do much.

Any idea? Can it just be something loose or related to the rear shocks?

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