Diesel in Honda Accord 05


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Diesel in Honda Accord 05

How much damage to expect: I suspect I put diesel, about 4 gals, in my 05 Honda Accord DX. Ran it about 4 miles; sputtered, choked, shook, etc till it would not start.
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Entire fuel system needs to be flushed, filters replaced. Hopefully the injectors are OK. Actually surprised it ran that long. Gasoline engines just don't have enough compression to make deisel burn well.
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Surprised you could get the nozzle in; the diesel nozzle is supposed to be larger and shouldn't fit all the way into your filler.
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I could be way off but I believe the rule of thumb is that a 10% mix is tolerated. Anything more concentrated and the fuel needs to be replaced. Since your car won't run with what you have, you're past that point.

I wouldn't expect any damage to worry about. I'm not sure if even the filters would be affected.

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