1996 ford aerostar ac/heat problem?


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1996 ford aerostar ac/heat problem?

this is for my parents, they own a 1996 aerostar van and the ac went out, so they took it to a local shop and they replaced the ac compressor the condenser a few line and hoses and flushed the sytem and added the freon. 1355.00 later they picked it up the next day due my parents needing the van for work, and when they picked it up they said that the ac isnt blowing that cold(i would have put up an arguement, my parents didnt know better or just really needed it back) anyway, the mechanic said the the ac isnt blowing as cold due to a heater relay being stuck on while the ac is blowing causing heat to block some of the cool air...and this is why the ac burnt up the first time and instructed my parents to bring it back and not to drive it?..what?...so they called me and i called the parts store to see what they said, and i was told that there is no such relay for the heat, there is a relay for the ac and the blower motor but that was it? i even looked in the manual, didnt see anything either? so after all this work why is it not blowing cold and why would they say heater relay? sorry for the writing so much i was just trying to explain the best i can, thanks chace?

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Never heard of a heater relay either.

If I were to guess, especially after all that work was done, that the blend door is stuck partially open.

This door opens to allow heat off the heater core (small radiator) to enter then vents, if this is open and cannot close all the way, heat from this core will mix with the A/C.

Hopefully the mechanics did a good vacuum and pressure test on the A/C system so we know it's not that.
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I agree with mark. I have never heard of a heater relay. The blend door could be stuck. The shop should have replaced the Accumulator as well. Was it the compressor or the compressor clutch that went bad. You could have some trash in your expansion valve from a compressor failure.
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Thumbs up update

thanks for your help guy's, im not to familiar with a/c problems...motor and other things im a bit more knowledgable with, ...anyway, what steps should i take on locating or checking the 2 things you stated. i went back to my parents house and looked it over again, i started the van and turned the knob to heat...and it was warm and blowing with a good amount of flow, then i turned it to ac/ max and let it run for a bit, it has good flow and blows nice but its just not cold, a slight chill maybe...but kinda the same before my parents took it in and had the work i stated done.
then i turned everything off, just to see if any heat or anything at all was coming out the vents while in off position...and nothing did. just was trying to see if heat was leaking out all the time, and maybe that is why the ac was not cold due to the mixture with the heat...but i got nothin.
mybe the shop didnt add the proper amount of freon, knowing my parents would bring it back like easy prey, but then why would they say the heater relay was bad and if so why didnt they replace it?...any more help or steps on checking what you mentioned would be great, its hot here in fla. and my parents are thinkin of takin it to another shop, wich they really cant afford after the last one not actually fix'n the problem.
i have a vw corrado g60, which i have done all kinds of work and repairs to,...but nothing like workin on a many van...lol
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blend door?

ok, i went through the shops paperwork that was given to my parents, it didnt say what was bad, just listed what they did or claimed to of done. so i dont know if the compressor or the comp. clutch or? went out or broke,or stopped working...therefore i dont know what they acually did either, and i never looked under the hood before. as far as the blend door? where is it located exactly and how do i get to it or check it? also the expansion valve....is it connected to one of the hoses off the heater core?.....
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And this is why the AC burnt up in the first place??
Sorry to say it sounds fishy to me.
My fathers AC gave up about a month ago and I was busy with work so he took it to the GM dealer and payed the pros top dollar to look at it.
It would have cost $1200 Canadian for parts alone without labour to fix it.
He gave them $50 for looking at it and said no thanks.
Well, I cant believe it so I look at it.
The AC clutch was not rotating.
I put a jumper on it and it engages and the AC works like a freezer.
I dig around some and find bad wires to the AC clutch and repair and black tape them.
Takes a few minutes of my time to fix the problem and I am no genius.
So what vehicle were they looking at!
They cant make a simple diagnosis like the clutch is not locking up and it may be a loose wire. Duh
What I am saying is that this case you have sounds funny to me. A mystery relay burning up the system and they replace everything in sight and it still don't work?

If it cant be resolved fast then I would cut my losses and have some one else take a look at it.

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