Pop-up Headlights Won't Pop-up

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Pop-up Headlights Won't Pop-up

Hi all,

1984 Corvette (project car - kinda rough right now). Just had the headlight motors rebuilt. Got everything put back together per specs.

When we turn on the headlights, the lamps come on but the motors do not come on and the headlights do not pop up.

I put a meter on the lead motor feed wire at the connector, and when the headlight switch is off, there is 12v at the connector. When the switch is turned on, it drops to below 1v. This happens with both connectors for both headlights.

What's up with that? Not sure what else to check.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Did you try reversing the polarity? It probably has a relay somewhere to do this for you, but see what happens manually, as maybe relay is stuck. Even a 12v drill or flashlight battery will allow you to easily test it both ways. If they are operated by 12 VDC, then somewhere power will be reversed for opposite direction, whether opening the lights or closing.

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