a/c vents gmc c2500


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a/c vents gmc c2500

hey guys
we recently purchased a 2000 gmc truck 5.3 liters, the problem we have is with the a/c airflow, you can hear the vent fan working but little air will come out of vents, pretty much all the " housing " under dahs gets really cold, it just won't blow it out towards passenger ? somebody mention some vacuum lines on controller ? where's the cabin fan air intake located ? i want to check it for clogging.
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If you have a grille between the windshield and rear edge of the hood, that's the air intake. It sounds more like the air doors, which direct the cooled air to the dash or the floor, are shut. These may be electric, but are most likely vacuum controlled. Start be checking for a vacuum leak, first from the engine to the control, and then from the control to the air doors.
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air flow

check the vaccumm lines at the vac canister.should be under the battery.GM's better idea,checked the vaccum line from the canister back to the firewall. possible dry rotted from heat or battery acid.should be a hard plastic line 1/8 in diamameter.any kind of hole in the line or canister will stop the proper operation of the ductwork doors
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The cabin air filter is located above the pass floor area, kinda above the hump in the floor. Some of these trucks have filters, and some don't even a spot for them.
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yes sounds like the cabin air filter pluged with dirt this truck doesnt have any vacuum operated doors on it for the hvac
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right on the money mr dummas and brian thanks, i replced cabin air filter and bada bing problem solved.

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