58 Corvette Radio Removal


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58 Corvette Radio Removal

How do you remove a stock radio from a 58 corvette?
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Oh man, you got a beauty in your possesion. I've been searching for years for a '58-'62 to restore, not easy to find, lol.

Unfortunately, I do not have any info to help you out here, sorry.

Good luck and enjoy that Vette .
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Radios of that era were shaft mounted. First, disconnect the negative battery cable.

Next, pull off the turning and volume knobs, then any controls knobs under those. You should have two bare shafts sticking up.

You'll need a thin-walled deep well socket, I can't remember the exact size, but I think it's one of these: 1/2, 9/16 or 5/8.

I'm not sure about the Vette, but look or feel behind the radio for a rear support of some kind. It's usually a metal bracket that attaches to a stud protruding from the back of the radio. Remove the nut from the stud. It may be easier and faster to find the other end of the bracket and disconnect it there, then just remove the bracket with the radio.

Carefully place the deep well socket over the shafts of the radio. At the very bottom of those shafts, where the larger threads are, is a nut. The nut has a thin diameter and may be hard to feel, but it's there, one on each side. Under each of those nuts is a thin washer. It's usually easier to wait and get these out once the radio is removed, but I wanted you to keep an eye on them, so they don't get lost. There may be two more washers on the radio side of those shafts, keep an eye out for those too.

Remove the nuts. The radio will come out the backside of the dash, then down and out. Disconnect the electrical connector and antenna wire once you can get to them. Sometimes the washers can hang on the threads of the radio shafts, so take it easy when backing out the radio, try not to let it angle too much. Alternaltely, try easing it back a little at a time on each side. I've only had this happen once though.

That's it! It's much harder to describe than to actually complete! Since this radio is original to the car, I very highly recommend you hang on to it, if nothing else wrap it carefully and place it in a box for safekeeping.

I hope this helps!

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