99 Firebird~Lots of warning lights?


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99 Firebird~Lots of warning lights?

OK, I am looking at what appears to be a clean 1999 Firebird.
It has several warning lights that act up though and I'm leery of it.
The security warning light and change oil light seem to come on and off as does the check gauges light. I was told the check gauges light just means it's low on fuel. It reads either empty, full or just less than 1/4 tank when driving it.
I can't seem to find a reference for the security warning light as to what that means anywhere.
Major, minor or should I just stay away from this car.

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I personally would stay away from it. It could end up being a bad electrical problem.

If you are interested in it, ask the seller if you can bring the car by your mechanics place so they can take a look at it and tell you what's going on. If the seller doesn't allow you too, tell him "no thank you".
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I'm with HotinOKC. You need to have a scan tool connected to it to see which DTC(s) the car may have. Once the DTC's are noted, you can post them here and we can give you an idea on what would be involved to diagnose and repair the problems. The "Change Oil" light could be flashing simply because the oil life monitor has not been reset. Then again, it could be an electrical issue in the IP cluster, or even a faulty BCM. The "Check Gages" light is more than likely on because of the faulty fuel level sensor, which runs anywhere from $70-$120 for the part, plus about $120-$200 for labor to replace it.

If you do take the car to the dealer and have it scanned for codes, have them check every module for current and history DTC's. Have them note which ones are set as current and which ones are set in history. Then post them here and we can give you some ideas and diagnostic pointers.
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I think I will just pass on this one. Thanks guys.

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