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Angry 2000 F150

I have had my F150 for 3 years now and have only had minor problems with it until now...I had the headers taken off and went back to the stock manifolds because of a leak in the headers, it has only been about 2 months and now the manifolds are leaking like the headers were...Is there a reason that they are cracking in the same place?

and the newest problem, I drove home from work and the truck was fine,(aside of the leaking manifold), and then the next morning when I pushed the clutch in to start it it nearly went to the floor, it engages very close to the floor but has 5 inches or so of play now and is very difficult to get into any gear, I went ahead and drove to work but the next morning I put the clutch in and it started I put it in neutral to let it warm up, then when I try to put it in gear it wouldnt go at all...What has happened over night to my truck...?


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Are the manifolds cracked or are they just leaking at the mating surface? When you put the stock manifolds on did you install new gaskets and clean the surfaces?

With a clean surface, new gaskets and proper torquing of the manifold bolts, they shouldn't leak.

As for the clutch problems, it sounds like a hydraulic clutch with low fluid. Check the level and fill as necessary. If you still have the problem, you likely have a bad master or slave cylinder that should be replaced or reconditioned.

Since the manifold leaking and the clutch problem are running together, make sure your leak from the manifold didn't melt a clutch line or boil fluid from the clutch system.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your reply, The manifolds were done at a shop so I hope that they cleaned the surface and used new gaskets, I know that I paid for the new gaskets so I am assuming so, but I never know these days, it seems as though every time that I take my truck to be fixed they tell me that the cost is going to be higher than it should be and that I need things done that do not really need to be done, It must be because I am a woman.....?

Anyway...I am going to go look at it right now to see if the manifolds are cracked or if they are leaking at the flanges, or connecting point and then check the clutch fluid as you recomended....Thank you for your help, Ill let you know what I find out.....

Thanks Again!

Wish me luck
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OK, I just finished looking at my truck and youll never guess...well first of all...You were right, the fluid was very low, actually there wasnt anything in there, so I added some, but I do not know how to bleed the line so can you tell me how to do that? The leak in the manifold is because both of the nuts on the leaking side were missing.. I do not see how they could just fall off, they were put on there with the air tools so it is a mystery, unless someone took them off, or could I be wrong? So needless to say my truck is all better now...and the best part is that I did it all myself!!

Thank you Bob for your help!

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