1993 Honda Prelude rough engine


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1993 Honda Prelude rough engine

I have a 1993 Prelude si, 2.2 engine with a 5 speed manual transmission with 100k miles. The engine has been idling a little rough and sometimes when I am on the highway, over 70 miles an hour, the tachometer jumps between 3.5 and 4k. Pickup is pretty good and I get over 30miles to a gallon of gas.

I just changed the spark plugs but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Still a slightly rough idle and once in a while the rpm's go a little crazy over 70 mph.

Any suggestions?
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You should really do a complete tune up with cap, rotor and wires, fuel and air filter. That would be a good place to start for the rough idle. If you haven't changed the timing belt, with 100,000 miles, I would start thinking about that. That would be a more major expense around $190 to $200.

The tach issue is separate from the engine running rough, since you have the manual transmission. It's probably in the tach head.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

The timing belt was changed before I bought it, the previous owner had the belt replaced. It broke when he was driving the car. It cause some problems and needed some engine work along with a new belt. I have had the car for 2 years now and it has run fine except for the tack going a little crazy at high speeds. I thought the problem of the rpm's bouncing around at high speeds might be caused by the initial problem of the timing belt breaking and needing engine repair.

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