2001 Dodge ram is eating oil


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2001 Dodge ram is eating oil

2001 Dodge ram, 98K miles, standard V8. Within the past 6 months it has slowing been getting worse, consuming oil. In 2006 it would be only slightly low every 3000 miles (mostly city, so I change pretty often 3 month/3000 miles). Since my last oil change, I have put in 2 quarts and gone about 4000 miles and it is low again.

Oh, no visible oil loss anywhere...

Thoughts? Costs?
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Have you by any chance changed brand or grade of oil ?
Have you checked and/ or replaced pcv filter & valve if equipped?
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What engine in it?. If it's 5.2 or 5.9 and it's burning oil without external visible oil leak, (rpm may also higher than normal), the intake manifold bottom pan gasket may be broken and oil was sucking thru and burn off, it's pretty simple job for anyone with some mechanical knowledge, the parts required for the job is probably less than $100.
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Pretty much always get the same oil at the same shop, so I don't think that is it. Will change out the PCV valve and check the intake gasket.

thanks for the advice

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