Wewl new problem


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Angry Wewl new problem

ok here goes this has been going on for 11/2weeks now. where to start
92 Chevy Lumina APV van
1 new(rebuilt Alt) well 3 actualy different stores for them(last one is 1 week old)
2 new neg cable(i week old)
3 new tensioner(3days old)
4 new belt(3 days old)
5 new battery(1week old)
the reason for all of this is the battery light would come on and flicker and stay on unless I was stepping on the gas but also sometimes when I would rev car light would come on and also when I put it into reverse. Okay so this is what i finally did I went direct to battery from alt light was off for few days tonight the light came on a few times and dash got really bright went home used my little tester charging but at low(13) charge turned off stuff in car then it went to 13.5 started with lights then radio went to 15 then added heater went to 14. I have had it at the garage that is how I know Ive been defeated. they checked it was charging at 13.5 with everything on said they cant find problem so can anyone here help me before I run myself over with this Damn VAn
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Is the charging system keeping the battery charged now and the only issue is the low charge light on the dash or are you still running the battery down?

If the battery is staying charged, I would think more about the indicator light having a problem. For that check the ground strap going from the engine to the frame and from the cab to the engine.

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battery is ok tested and has a good reading. The main cncern I have is the way the dash lights got really bright and the battery light this van has no guage only an idiot light. I used it again lastnight thought my 16yr old was in preterm labor but false alram and light came on several times. The dash will get real dim at times and then it will get really really bright kinda like when a light bulb is going to die it is real bright(sorry only thing I can think of to describe it). I wont turn on more than one thing in the car at the same time. I am stumped like I said Ive been defeated when (wilbur) has to go to the garge this car is all male LOL
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It could be something with the voltage going to the dash, but check the grounding of the cab to the frame.

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