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Question fuel pump

I have a 1987 Mazda 323. the endine won't turn over. I changed the fuel filter and I am getting pressure but no fuel. I don't hear the fuel pump cut on. does anyone know where the fuel pump fuse if or if there is a reset button .
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I take it you have the engine turning over when you want to start it. It isn't starting and you're working on the fuel system?

The filter is a good place to start. When you say you have pressure, how did you determine that? If you have pressure, you would have a working fuel pump. Then if you have a new filter and and fuel in the tank, you should have fuel being supplied to the injection system.

I'm not familiar with that year and model, but there's a good chance the pump is in the tank and you may not hear it running.

The fuses for fuel pumps are typically behind a lower kick panel in the cab or under the hood in a nest of relays and master fuses. As far as a reset button, I can't say. I'm sure we have some good Mazda guys here that can, though.

I would suggest checking for spark at the plugs. Pull a plug or use a spare, attach a plug wire, ground the plug and spin the engine over. Watch for a bright blue spark at the plug.

If there is no spark, think about an ignition tuneup and check the coil pack/distributor cap/rotor.

Hope this helps,

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Mazda 323

I am getting it towed to the house tomorrow. Thanks for the info. I don't know if this helps but Last sat. it did the same thing except it finally started and ran fine all day sun. Then started fine mon. morning. Wouldn't start though when I got ready to come home from work.
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You plan on trying to do the work then yourself? Otherwise you'll have to have it towed again, to a shop? Towing around here costs about $75.

The electric fuel pump issues can be quite annoying because they can act up in different ways. They can plum wear out, or be otherwise shot, or the wires in them can get hot causing it to stop working and then when it cools back down it can work for a while again, or it might put out fuel pressure but not quite good enough pressure, or it might be a bad electrical connection or some other electrical issue before it even gets to the pump.

Years ago you could just throw in a new cheap mechanical fuel pump in minutes by removing 2 bolts. Along the shoulder of the road even, as I did once.
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I am going to do it myself. I have done a lot of work on the car. It may take a little while but, I enjoy doing it.

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