87 s10 blazer hesitation stumbling hot


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Unhappy 87 s10 blazer hesitation stumbling hot

My 87 s10 blazer 2.8L runs fine when she is first driven but with in 10 min. of driving the temp. gauge reads 210deg. & she starts stumbling on a steady cruse & from a standing stop has a hesitation. What I don't get is that she hits 210 deg in 10 min. of driving. I have changed the radiator temp. sensor radiator cap felt for a surge in the upper hose put a new o2 sensor as this is the only code I got. put a new thermostat in her 185 deg.
Are these problems related & has anyone else seen a gauge go to 210 in 10min. of driving I even changed the temp sending unit & used a friends infared gun & it was 210 deg. Thank you
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Yes. Like a vehicle that has no circulation through the radiator.

Once it hits 210 - THEN what happens? How much longer do you have to go until the fan(s) kick on? And when it does, does the temp keep going up anyway?

You could temporarily remove your thermostat. If the car can't stay cool then, going down the highway, then it almost has to be a clogged up radiator or the impeller in the water pump is not turning. And both these problems can be isolated so you know which it is.

First you have to establish the water pump is spinning inside. You can find that out by seeing if water gushes out the top of radiator, even in timely pulsations. If it does, then the problem is most likely a clogged radiator. A clogged radiator can not be tested by just seeing if water comes out the bottom of the radiator as fast as you can fill the top of it with a garden hose - as depending on available water volume, this test may not tell be reliable enough. In fact it might fool you. If the water pump is turning (and most likely it does if the belt is not slipping), then you can feel if the air blowing through the radiator fan is uniformally warm everywhere, as it shoud be, when the engine is hot, fan is working and water is circulating with the fan on. If there are large cool areas in the wind of the fan, the radiator is likely plugged.
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Fan will work it should be a clutch fan on the water pump! Check timing and compression !

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