92 caravan front wheel bearing

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92 caravan front wheel bearing

I have a 92 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 and while i was driving on the highway i smelt a burning smell and noticed that when i released the gas the car was holding back. then when i got home i saw the driver side wheel smoking. I took the wheel off and saw the smoke coming from the center like where the wheel bearing is. It looks like they are sealed. and i called around everyone says i have to replace the wheel assembly. I believe the problem is the wheel bearing the only other thing it could be is the caliper but i don't think it is

My question is how do i go about this i was looking at a couple of diagrams and saw that there are four bolts holding the assembly on so my question is i am hopeing i don't have to disconnect any suspension components from the rear of the knuckle or is there enough room in the back to get to the bolts?

Is there anything on the knuckle which could of became damaged. I really appreciate it and if you could please walk me through the process thank you so much

Is it ok to just change the driver side hub or do you have to change them in pairs?
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Here's a link to autozone repair procedures. I have to ask, was the bearing noisy (humming or anything like that) prior to it showing smoke? Maybe only noisy when turning one way or the other? If you didn't, or still don't hear any such noise when it has cooled down, I would still make sure it wasn't a caliper sticking or something, that caused the excessive heat. The reason for the smoke in that area obviously is because of the grease contained inside it. No you don't have to replace both when doing one, but it is advisable due to the fact that the other one usually isn't too far behind if normal wear was the cause, and a front end alignment should be done after, thus also saves you paying for an alignment twice, if the other side needs replacing in the near future.


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