Toyota Starting Issue


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Toyota Starting Issue

I own a '99 Toyota Rav 4, on starting the vehicle after it sits over night it appears to be flooded. Or acts like it. Once the rig is ran a bit it runs fine. Turn it off it starts right up. But once again when it sit for a period of time (0n starting it acts like its flooded). Not sure what to think about this seeing its fuel injected? Any ideas? Thanks
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A good place to start with any car malfunction of any sort with a car of a given number of years old, would be in seeing what service bulletins might be out on a particular vehicle in a particular year. That way one could possibly eliminate a lot of guess work.

We could get into actual diagnosis of if you are getting too much gas, too little gas, no immediate electrical flow through ignition, no spark, no spark and no gas at same time - when cold, etc. But you might look into seeing if other vehicles of your type, engine, in your year, have had same problem.
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ecman's suggestion is a good one to check into.

One way to check if the engine is indeed flooded on start up is to observe the exhaust; you should have a fair amount of black smoke. If this is the case it could be a leaky injector(s). To determine which one(s) is leaking I would start it up and then shut it off while it is still running rough and do a plug check and look for fuel fouling. Depending on how labor intensive removal of the fuel rail is you could then place containers under each injector (still attached to the rail) and check for leakage after the appropriate amount of time.

If you can see down into the cylinders through the spark plug holes you could instead just remove the plugs when it is cold and look for fuel possibly puddled on top of the pistons.

The flooding condition could be caused by an erroneous sensor input though, however a scan tool would really be needed to make an accurate/quicker diagnosis in this case.
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I had the same problem with my 4Runner, it turned out to be the cold start sensor?? Not sure if thats what its called but its function is to act like a choke on fuel injected motors. It senses when the motor is cold and injects fuel at startup only. Mine was located on the back of the intake but that was a 91 V6, when it was replaced no more problems!!
Good Luck
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I didn't think fuel injected vehicles were capable of getting flooded?

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