Brake Fluid in Power Steering Resivor


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Exclamation Brake Fluid in Power Steering Resivor

Yeah call me stupid but my brake light was coming on so I figured "Oh you just need some brake fluid" being the person I am I didnt ask for help bought a bottle of it and poured it in...then told one the guys at work the light is still coming on...he went outside with me asked me if I put it in here (pointing to the brake fluid resivor) DUH oh man did I screw up I put it in where the power steering fluid goes...he said I have to get it drained out but he didnt know how....anyone out there have PICTURES how to do this I guess thats what I need LOL...any help would be greatly appreciated.......Now you can stop laughing at me LOL
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Make, model, & year?

Don't feel too bad; you're not the first person to put the wrong fluid somewhere.
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It is best to flush the fluid from the system. Below is the ASE method of flushing PS fluid used for just about all vehicles. You'll have to find the power steering return line to the reservoir.

1. Lift front tires off the ground.
2. Disconnect the ps return line at reservoir, drain ps reservoir.
3. Plug open connection at the reservoir.
4. Secure the return line to a generously-sized container (at least one gallon). If needed, add a length of hose.
5. Fill reservoir with new fluid.
6. Line up your bottles of new fluid for quick pouring.
Here comes the fun part...
7. Have helper turn car on, and immediately have him go through full range of steering motion (left and right) and shut off car, all the while you are trying to keep the reservoir filled.
8. Button everything back up.
9. Clean up mess.
10. Top off fluid.

The front tires must be off the ground so the system is unloaded, otherwise a lot of fluid is forcefully pumped out. The return line must be secured to prevent a big mess. Keep at least a gallon of ps fluid on hand. The helper must know what he are doing.
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Kestas instructions will work, but there is a shorter method that I have done numerous times on different vehicles.

Just get a syphining (sp?) hose from a auto store and suck out what's in the reservoir.

Turn car on, crank wheel left and right until bowl reservoir fills up again and drain that out.

When you start getting foam, refill reservoir with the correct fluid.

Crank wheel again left and right until all of it is sucked in, the refill again. Do this until the level in the reservoir does not change.

Note: When you start draining the fluid and crank the wheel, you will hear the steering system making some crazy noises; it's ok, this is normal.
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Another remedy you may want to try is to remove the drive belt from the engine and turn the power steering pump pulley by hand. Most of the pumps out there have holes cast into the pulleys so turning it by hand is easy. Just put a finger into one of the holes and turn. MAke sure that you are turning the same direction that the engine turns or you will suck the fluid out of the rack unit rather than pumping it in. Hope tis helps you out.


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