Spark plug binding in the hole.


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Spark plug binding in the hole.

Will liquid wrench help?
I want to run the engine to warm it up and enlarge the hole. But engine wouldn't run.
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its worth a try I guess, but if its in an aluminum head and it probably wont help much.
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Concur; sometimes it just happens regardless of how careful you are. Happened to me on a Corolla about 15 years ago. Had to wrestle it out, but managed to be able to clean up the threads enough for new plug to go in (didn't change the plugs again before we traded it in couple of years later).
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I had this happen not to long ago on my aluminum head engine. I had never experienced anything like that before. What I did was back out, retighten, back out a little more, retighten, back out even further still, retighten. I finally got it out. But it felt like I was going to break my ratchet, it(plug) was that stuck. To my gleeful surprise, as loaded up as the threads of the spark plug was with aluminum!, I was able to put in a new plug, without having to buy that kit for stripped out holes, and I lubed the threads with WD-40 and it went in and I was able to really tork it in there tight, to my surprise!
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Thanks for the replies. I checked the maintenance record and found that the spark plugs were original! The car has 140k miles and aluminum head. It's been mine since 20k miles, and I can only blame myself.

I will try engine starting fluid to fire it up. Once the engine warms up, it should be easier to get the plugs out.

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