Tourus: Stutter when accelerate

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Tourus: Stutter when accelerate

Have a 2002 Ford Taurus, 6cyl. 98k miles. Runs great except when I try to accelerate the motor stutters or when going up long hills, it should kick into a lower gear but doesn't. Plus, when turning left from a stop and I really step on the gas to make a quick left, it also studders and almost stalls. In the latter, the engine light flashes for a bout 3 minutes and then goes off. Thoughts?
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sounds like the engine is missing probably do to a secondary ignition problem, like plug wires or spark plugs or possibly coil.
you should have the codes read its probably a misfire code and should atleast tell you or whoever repairs the car what cylinder or cylinders is missing.
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Have you tried to manually downshift it into 2nd gear to see if it runs smooth and powerful then, when going up a hill?

You could be dealing with transmission issue, motor mounts, lack of gas issue, or lack of correct spark ignition/timing, or drag on car from stuck brake caliper or clogged catalytic converter - are some things that come to mind.

See how the car coasts to rule out the drag from brakes.
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The code on a 2003 i worked on said misfire on #5. it was doing the same thing, loosing serious power going up a hill. Since the intake had to come off to change wires, I went ahead and changed the plugs and wire. Don't put the cheap plugs eaither. The good ones are around 5 to 8 bucks each.

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