1981 Ford Van wont start


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1981 Ford Van wont start

I have a van that I have been using for work with absolutely no problems until about a week and a half ago.

Everytime I initially attempt to start it, it runs perfectly fine, but now when I turn it off it wont turn over and start again (just makes the vroooom sound) and usually stays like that for about 30 minutes to 6 hours, but every morning works fine.

Ive tried reading multiple sites to see what may be the problem (as I know very little about vehicles) and was wondering if someone else might be able to point me in the direction I would need to go about solving this annoying dilemma.

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The vroom sound, I would, from a distance, interpret to be the starter spinning, but not engaging the flywheel to turn the motor over.

It could be the battery, without enough amps to spin the starter fast enough to throw the bendix drive out. The bendix being the gear on the starter that engages the flywheel.

Or there could be a problem with the bendix itself or the starter that wouldn't let the bendix travel up the shaft to engage the flywheel.

Since everything works well cold, but not so hot hot, I would say the battery or its connections to the starter (to include solenoid) are the problem.

I would check the battery/cables first. Then the solenoid - then the starter/bendix.

Hope this helps,


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