92 caravan 3.3 coolant recovery


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92 caravan 3.3 coolant recovery

92 caravan 3.3 Coolant Overflow

For the last year or so i notice that in the summer time and when i run my air conditioning and do a little idling when i shut the van off the coolant in the overflow bottle rises a little and bubbles for about a minute. I am not sure how long its been doing this is it normal? It really only does it when i use the AC. It never bubbles when the engine is on only right when i turn it off for about a minute. Is this normal. What could be causing this?
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It would be normal. Nothing to do with the AC that I'm aware of.

When you shut an engine off the coolant stops circulating (water pump no longer turning) and the temperature of the coolant rises. As the temp rises, the coolant expands and the excess runs from the radiator over to the reservoir you talking about.

Because air entrainment is controlled within a given operating temperature by the pressurized cooling system, the air bubbles wouldn't be present at cooler levels in the engine. But after shutoff, the coolant can hit a boiling point and transfers the air into the reservoir. There really shouldn't a great amount of air bubbles though.

If you have excessive air being transferred into the reservoir, you could have a radiator cap that needs replaced.

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