Fiberglass tonneau cover


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Fiberglass tonneau cover

My fiberglass tonneau cover, is the type that a after inserting the key you turn, sort of like an igniton set up.

My problem is that when turning the key, to open the cover, it takes such force that I have broken two keys off in the lock.

Does anyone know of a cure for this problem? I was thinking on the lines of a replacment system that I could buy, and install to alleviate this problem. Any ideas that I can use will be greatly appreciated.
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Does it move pieces that stick into a frame or something at each side?

First, make sure everything is clean.

Then, make sure every sliding part is lubed.

The, you might try pushing down on the top when turning the key. It may be as simple as the latches are binding. There may be an adjustment to reduce the pressure on the latch pieces as well.

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