Vibration, Growling noise when turn left ??????


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Vibration, Growling noise when turn left ??????

1993 Plymouth Sundance 45,000 actual miles, 2.2 engine, automatic trans. When turn a hard left the front right wheel area makes a growling noise and vibration. Does not make the noise when turning a hard right on the same corner. No abnomal noises or vibrations when going straight even at highway speeds. Was told it was a right bearing and hub assembly. Put a new one on. Still same noise. Replaced front brakes. New tires and balanced. Rotors are fine. Axle nut properly torqued to 180lbs. Checked innner and outer right side CV joints by sliding the boots back. They are full of grease. What now???? Thanks
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Have you replaced your tie rod ends? Sounds like those are the problem.
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Daughter had same vehicle recently with same problem. Had been checked by numerous mechanics prior to my daughter purchasing it, all said ? but safe to drive. The problem I have is that I seem to remember back in the early 90's when I worked for a Chrysler dealer, that one of the causes for this occurence was motor mount related. If you look at the motor mounts they have a square like tube insert in the center, to allow for a little movement/ adjustment from side to side, which would allow the engine & transmission to shift slightly one way or the other, and cause this symptom. (I still think it has to do with the shifting of the engine causing not enough or too much play at the CV joint.) I just can't remember specifics (that's the problem) on exactly what needed to be done to eliminate that noise. I'll keep checking the ( site to see if it pops up there, or if anyone remembers it.
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Thanks both of you for the tips. I will check the tie rod ends and the motor mounts. You are sure correct when you say "Had been checked by numerous mechanics, all said ? ". I had the same experience. Other than, being told it is a wheel bearing bad which it turned out not to be; the mechanics just stand there scratching their heads. If you remember what fixed the problem in your daughters car please let me know. If anyone has anymore things to check please let me know. Thanks to both of you.

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All tie rods are in excellent condition. Checked motor mounts and both are ok. Still can not find out why vibration and growling noise when turn left?

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