01 Dodge Neon Misfires/Hesistates with #2 Cylinder Code

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01 Dodge Neon Misfires/Hesistates with #2 Cylinder Code

Good afternoon. I realize this is a really, really old thread, but I am having exactly the same issue as the original poster, and was wondering if anybody ever figured anything out.

I have had my 01 Neon looked at by two mechanics who each had it in their shop for two days and could find nothing wrong with it. Originally, the car would overheat really bad after I'd been driving it with the a/c on for an hour, and it wouldn't start again until two hours later. Well, I quit using the a/c. Now, the #2 Cylinder light comes on, and for the first five minutes of driving the car after a full and complete stop (including from the driveway and at stoplights, and when going up steep hills), the vehicle hesitates when I push on the gas and won't go any faster than 25 mph. I've replaced the plugs, plug wires (three times in the past six months), air filter, changed the oil, checked all the fluids, given it all required regular maintenance on schedule, and nobody can figure out what's going on! I have a very good friend who's a mechanic, and I think he's getting ready to kill me in my sleep if I mention my car one more time. Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

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Have the mechanics done a coolant system pressure test or a cylinder compression test?

Sounds like a possible head gasket leak.
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Pop open the coolant resevoir tank (NOT the radiator cap) while it is running and up to full temp and see if bubbles are coming up from the bottom of the resevoir tank. If you have bubbles it means new head gasket.

Do you smell a sweat syrupy smell at the exhaust? If yes, new head gasket.

It could also be a clogged catalytic converter that is slowing you down and robbing power.
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Sounds like the head gasket. It has been a very common problem on the Neons.

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