86 ranger 2.9 FI crank but no start


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86 ranger 2.9 FI crank but no start

Hi everyone,
I have a 1986 Ford Ranger 2.9L FI that cranks but does not start.The computer has power and coil has power, fuel pump does not come on unless jumped. I have put in ignition pick-up coil, ignition module, computer, still doing the same thing. HELP!!! Dave.
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Check the rollover fuel pump shutoff on the passenger floorboard. It has a reset switch.

When you have the fuel pump working, check the rail pressure at the Schrader valve. Run the pump, then shutoff the power to it, depress the Schrader valve. You should get a little spurt of fuel. If not you either aren't getting any pressure from the pump or the regulator isn't holding the pressure. Either way you won't start.

Hope this helps,

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Originally Posted by blaster8776 View Post
...fuel pump does not come on unless jumped...
You mean not at all unless you jump start the car?
Or you are bypassing something to get the pump to run?
The engine still wont start with the pump running?
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What I jumped is the relay to the fuel pump to stay on, pressure at schrader is good. emergency fuel cutoff is not tripped. but no injectors are firing and no spark.
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i suspect that the computer does not have power or the eec relay is not coming on to power up the computer for some reason the fuel pump should come on if for just a couple of seconds when you turn the key on and will shut off unless it sees a crank signal.
check for power at an injector with the key on if you dont have key on power at one wire on the injectors go to the eec relay and check for battery and key on power source and test relay and see if you can find out why. also make sure small ground wire at battery is ok.
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Thanks bejay, that ground wire had been repaired at one point by electrical tape, It looked connected but it was not!
Thanks everyone for the input. Dave

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