Bleeding ABS system


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Bleeding ABS system

I have a 1996 Grand Am that I replaced a Rear line on----I Have been told since the line had ruptured that I need to Bleed the entire system....Have been told the procedure is different than standard systems----can anyone give me the step by step?????
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know how

I know how to bleed standard rr--rf--lf -------but really need to know if this ABS system is done differently or I have other probs????
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I've seen two different procedures used for bleeding brakes. It has to do primarily with the order of the bleeding. The preferred method is using a brake bleeder to avoid having a back flow of the fluid in the process. The logic is that old fluid may contain contaminants which can plug or damage the ABS unit. Most of us DIYers don't have those tools since we bleed brakes infrequently, leaving us with the manual method.

The main difference given is the order of bleeding. With the ABS unit from the master cylinder out = LF, RF, LR, then RR.

Without ABS the reverse is given = RR, LR, RF, then LF.

I have to admit I've always followed the procedure that uses the farthest brake away first without regard to the ABS. It removes the most air in a single brake bleeding.

What problems are you having?

Hope this helps,


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