Transmission 95 neon


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Transmission 95 neon


so.. I bought this car and a couple of months later I started to stick... from first to second.. then it didn't want to go in reverse. So.. I drained the tranny.. replaced the filter.. new fluid and put in some slick 50.. and IT WORKED.

well now... 8 months later.. its starting to stick again from 2nd to 3rd.. and when I put it in reverse it slams into gear....

so.. obviously I could do another drain and filter but doing that every 6-8 months isnt gonna solve the problem.. so...

What could be the issue??...

When I pulled the plug the last time there were NO metal shavings of any kind. I am not experienced enough to do a rebuild, but any other possible quick fixes would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

ps.. also having a coolant problem

could this be having any affect on the tranny??...
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Any help would be good on this one.

all the gears seem to work.. it just isn't shifting right.. I'm hoping maybe its a sensor or somthing that I can replace...

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